The idea to form a Telugu Women Association at national level was germinated during the Third World Telugu conference held in December 1990 with the participation of women delegates from abroad.

Hence, on the 5th of April 1991 Under the leadership of Mrs G. Ramasawmy, a few women from different region of he island was invited and the Telugu Women Association was created.

The aims and objectives of the association;
• To promote our rich cultural heritage
• To work towards the development and empowerment of women
• To organise sociocultural and leisure activities
• To group Telugu women of Maurituis
• To promote Telugu language and culture
The association is registered with a The Registrar of Association and also affliated with the women Council of the Ministry of Women Affairs. We entertain good Relationship with the Maurituis Telugu Maha Sabha and other Telugu cultural associations. -' United we stand, divided we fall'.

The executive committee meet every month while geneal assemblies meet every two months at the seat of the Maurituis Telugu Maha Sabha.

Our members participate activitely in all religious and cultural festivals celebrated in Maurituis.
The honorary President is Mrs Gangadevi RAMASAWMY
23rd January 2015