Since last year various activities have been organised by the Mauritius Andhra Maha Sabha under the leadership of the President Shri Ramdass Ellayah and his executive members. This team is working very hard for the promotion of the Telugu language and culture. A glimpse of all these activities follows:
Andhra Avatarana Dinotstavam - Andhra Day (1st November 2006)
As the first of November commemorates the formation of Andhra Pradesh as a seperate linguistic state, last year, the MAMS paid the tribute due to this special occasion and the unforgettable contribution of the great soul - Amarajeevi Potti ShriRaamulu. Thus, the garlanding ceremony of the bust of this great personality situated in the yard of the MAMS, took place on this particular day in the presence of our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Navinchandra Ramgoolam and the distinguished presence of several other personalities. In addition to the usual cultural show, we had the opportunity to serve all the elders - Taatas and Baabammaas - in our Telugu community with lunch.

Loka Shanti Kalyaanam - 2006
For the first time ever, last year on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami, the day which marks the victory of good over evil, all of us had the blessed opportunity to participate in the Kalyaanotstavam of the Lord of the Seven Hills, Shri Venkateshwara Swami. Devotees from the four corners of the island came to participate in this pooja. On this great day, famous artists from Andhra Punya Bhoomi provided us with a wonderful show on Hari Kathalu and Burra Kathalu.

Shri Sarvajit Naama Ugaadi - 2007
This year the Telugus celebrated Shri Sarvajit Naama Ugaadi with lots of pomp and gaiety on the 20th of March. As the practice has been in the previous years, this year also the MAMS and all its branches across the island organised several cultural programmes to welcome our new year. Once more, we had the visit of great artists of Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh to grace this special occasion. These artists gave performances of their great talent in several regions of the country. Moreover, another marvellous cultural show was presented by the Andhra Youth Wing which is affiliated to the MAMS.
Laying of the Foundation Stone for the Andhra Bhavanam at Belle Mare - 2007
The 26th of August 2007marks the laying of the foundation stone of the Andhra Bhavanam at Belle Mare. This same occasion also marks the Prize Giving Ceremony for all the students who sat for the Telugu Examinations 2006, an examination annually conducted by the Mauritius Andhra Maha Sabha. The students were given their certificates in the presence of the Prime Minister and other highly esteemed guests. Another highlight of that day was that the student who came out first for Form V in this examination, was awarded an air ticket Mauritius-Hyderabad-Mauritius by the Ministry of Arts and Culture, c/o Shri Mahendra Gowressoo.

Shri Venkateshwara Swami Vratam - 2007
This year Shri Venkateshwara Swami Vratam started on the 12th of September and ended on the 21st October, on Vijaya Dashami. Thus on this very auspicious occasion, the Mauritius Andhra Maha Sabha and with the collaboration of many of its branches organised Shri Vaari Kalyaanotstavam in 7 regions of the island. The 6 places where these Kalyaanotstavam took place are: Piton, Camp De Masque Pave, Mon Desert Mon Tresor, St Julien D'Hotman, Triolet and Chemin Grenier. And to conclude, the last ceremony, Loka Shanti Kalyaanam was held at Flic en Flac on Vijaya Dashami. The Sami Pooja was also held on that same occasion. Devotees from across the island came in large numbers to participate in this prayer.

By Smt. Vandana Sitiah